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Tennessee Hendersons

A one name genealogy study dealing with the surname

Henderson primarily in the State of Tennessee

By F. Robert Henderson


This area of the site gives a general overview of how and why the site came into existence. It will eventually include some tips on how to do Tennessee genealogy research and some warnings on things to watch out for while doing that research and possibly a few links of general interest.
Census Extracts:
Extracts of the name Henderson from the federal census for the years 1820 to 1870. This area of the site also contains a small amount of information on Hendersons born in Tn, who were in living in Arkansas (1850) or Texas (1860).
County Selection:
A clickable map and alphabetical listing of all counties in the State Tennessee, with a link to the data currently on-line for any particular county. Although the focus of the site is TN, some counties do contain small amounts of data on adjoining states such as NC, VA, and KY.
Data which does not seem to fit conveniently in any of the above categories. A small amount of information from near-by states is also included here.
A collection of photographs, some with a short narration, of various Henderson family members with Tennessee connections. Due to the high graphic content of this page, it may take some time to load.
The typical website guest book. Your comments and or suggestions about the site are welcome here.
Until this menu option is needed for future site expansion, it will be used for a "What's New" page.
bibliography has been included which will list all known publications containing Henderson family data. County history, county seat, and the address of County Courthouses will be added for those TN counties with Henderson families. This area also contains a list of books written by Robert H Henderson of Greer, SC

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If you have additional Henderson - Tennessee related information that would be appropriate for this site and would like to have it displayed here, please contact F Robert Henderson .

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