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DNA Research in Helping You Find Lost Henderson Lines ©
by: F. Robert Henderson



January 6, 2007

Like many people I was always questioning the good of DNA testing. Once while in Sevier County, TN I attended a workshop where one speaker told about genealogy and DNA testing. Not long after that I sent a sample of my DNA into The National Geographical Society in a project with Family Tree researchers. I found close kin I never knew I could find, as Id given up locating ancestors in the old country.

Clan Henderson now has a project whereby they are encouraging people with the surname Henderson to get their DNA checked. I encourage readers of to join in and get their DNA on record. Maybe we can figure out more about our Henderson than anyone thought possible.

Here is the address I sent my DNA too in a packet they provided:

The person in charge of the Clan Henderson DNA project is Jim Henderson at

Jim wrote an article in Volume XVIII Number 4, Autumn Issue 2006, on pages20-21; of "An Canach", official quarterly newsletter of Clan Henderson. The article is entitled: "The Henderson DNA Project- What do all these numbers mean and what have I gotten myself into here".

© F. Robert Henderson 2004, all rights reserved.
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