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Haywood Co


General Thomas J Henderson

Watch Front

On the 8 th of March 1999 I received an email message which read: Trying to do a history check on a old pocket watch I have, inscribed on the inside cover it states: "Thomas J Henderson, General" It was also told to me he was a congressman. Do you have any info that would help. Thanks Mike


I looked in my files and found a reprint copy from the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, not dated, about 26 pages. It is entitled "Life and Services of General Thomas J Henderson.

According to this information General Henderson was a native of Tennessee. He was born November 29, 1824, in Brownville, TN. He died at the home of his daughter Mrs. John Farnsworth, in the city of Washington, D.C. February 5, 1911. He was buried in Oakland Cemetery at Princeton, Illinois, his home for more than thirty years. He was the son of Col. William H. Henderson and Sarah M. Henderson. His father William H. Henderson was born November 16, 1793 in Garrard County, KY. In 1823 he moved to Tennessee first living in Stewart County, TN later moving to Haywood County and was elected to the state senate, which he resigned in 1836, to remove to Illinois.

      watch back

Thomas J. Henderson was a friend of Abraham Lincoln's. And Thomas J Henderson was a General during the Civil War. In 1874 he was elected a member of the 44 th Congress from the Sixth District of Illinois and was re-elected nine times thereafter.


If any descendant of Thomas J Henderson is interested in this watch, please contact F. Robert Henderson . We do not know if the present owner of the watch intends to give the watch away, keep the watch or sell the watch. We are just trying to locate descendants of Thomas J. Henderson for Mike.

Current owner of the watch is Michael J. Malicki
( This E-mail address no longer vaild )

Received the following e-mail from xxxxxxx

T J Henderson

I find most interesting your website, , of Hendersons in Tennessee, and particularly the story of the Henderson watch. Thomas Jefferson Henderson was a younger brother of my great grandfather, John Wimberly Henderson. Actually, he was a half-brother.John WH, born 26 July 1819 at Dover, Stewart County, TN was the first born child of  Lucinda Wimberly and William H Henderson. Lucinda, born 8 June 1801 in Bertie County, NC, died 23 May 1823.Left with three small children, William married Sarah Murphy Howard and their son, Thomas Jefferson Henderson, was the first white child born in Brownsville, Hayward County, TN. It is, truly, an interesting family. Henderson "cousins" have collected much data on this line,some written of family members by themselves. If you are of this Henderson line and I can be of help or if you wish to exchange information, please, let me hear from you.

Note: The e-mail address of the author of the above paragraph was invalid. Will whoever left this message please contact Ray Henderson .

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress: T J Henderson

Thomas J. Henderson
1824 - 1911 
Oakland Cemetery, Princeton, 
Bureau County, Illinois

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