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January 7, 1999

Both Robert H Henderson of Greer, South Carolina and I started collecting Henderson family publications about 35 years ago. Recently we met for the first time in Kansas City. We decided to make a list of all known (to us) sources of Henderson family histories. This list we wanted to share with others.

Listed below are the sources of books, films, and papers that contain information about Henderson families in the United States. At the end of this list is a form whereby you may help expanding this list to include additional publications.

1. Before, With and After. 1979 James Henry Andrew, Library of Congress (CS 71.H496 1979a). Jefferson County Iowa. 2. The Callaways of Virginia. 1929. Jessie (Williams) Hart. Library of Congress. (CS71.C178 1929). Contains Henderson and Hickman family history.

3. Agrippa and Letha Eytcheson Henderson. 1971. Roy Ernest Curry. Library of Congress. (CS71.H496 1971). P.O. Box 1778, La Jalla, CA 92037.

4. Carthress Family History. 1884. John Henderson. Library of Congress. (CS 479.S6 1884).

5. Family History. 1922. Lucy Henderson Horton. Library of Congress. (CS 71.H892 1922).

6. Henderson Family Records. Jesse Montgomery Seaver. 1929. Library of Congress (CS 71.H496 1929).

7. Ancestors and Descendants of Lieut. John Henderson of Greenbrier County Virginia 1650-1900. 1902. Compiled by Joseph Lyon Miller. Published by Whittet and Shepperson, Richmond VA. Copy of some pages in library of F. Robert Henderson.

8. Family Record of Henderson and Whiddon Families and their Descendants. 1926. William Henderson. Library of Congress. (CS 71. H496 1926).

9. Wallace-Bruce and Closely Related Families. 1930. James Wallace. Library of Congress (CS71.W22 1930).

10. Samuel Henderson and Mary Howe of Huntington Quebec and their Descendants. 1931. Charles Herbert Stephenson. Library of Congress (CS 71.H494 1931).

11. Henderson Chronicles. 1915. John Nolley McCue. Library of Congress (CS 71.H496 1915).

12. History of Ryegate Vermont. 1913. Edward Miller. Pages 382-387 for Henderson Family. (F 59-R98 M6 MN Historical Society Library).

13. Genealogical and Family History of Western New York. 1912. William Richard Cutter. See Vol. 1 pages 295-298, 434-435 for Henderson information. (F 118 C992 MN Historical Society Library).

14. History of Hanover, a Town in Massachusetts. 1910. Jedediah Duelley. See pages 221-224 for Henderson Family. (F74 H23 D9 MN Historical Society Library).

15. A Contribution to the Genealogy of the Handerson Family. 1885. H. E. Handerson. Library of Congress (CS 71 H496 1885) also in MN Historical Society Library.

16. The Hills of Wilkes County Georgia. 1922. Lodowick Johnson Hill. Henderson Family pages 195-197. Library of Congress (CS 71. H646 1922) also in MN Historical Society Library.

17. Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire. 1908. Ezra Scollay Stearns. Vol. 3 pages 1060-1066. (F33 S79) MN Historical Society Library)

18. Clasping Hands with Generations Past. 1932. Emma Rouse Lloyd. Library of Congress (CS 71.R864 1932) Also in MN Historical Society Library.

19. Hannah Johnson and Polly Palmer with some of their Kinfolk. 1930. Jennie Henderson Porter. Library of Congress (CS 71. J7 1930a).

20. The Descendants of Robert Henderson of Hendersonville, PA. 1947. Oren Vitellis Henderson. Library of Congress (CS 71. H496 1947).

21. Henderson Family of PA and KY. No date. Emma Rouse Lloyd Found in the Lloyd Library, 306 West Court Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.

22. Henderson Family Research. 1973. Mildred F. Roberts. Library of Congress (CS 71. H496).

23. Flowers of the Field. 1974. Ola Grace Baker. Library of Congress (CS 71. B17 1974).

24. Strons-Ellison-Henderson Family History. 1976. Alice Ellison Pitts. Library of Congress (CS 71. S923 1976).

25. A History of the Descendants of George Henderson of Banffshire Scotland 1790-1975. 1976. David Henderson Carr. Library of Congress (CS 90.H45 1976).

26. Hidden Hendersons of Greene and Cocke Counties TN. 1979. Norma Hiser Harper. Library of Congress (CS 71.H496 1979).

27. History of Ellenwood-Warton and 20 Allied Families. 1969. Willard Ellenwood. Library of Congress (CS 71 E466).

28. Pierman and Clark Families of Putnan County Ohio, includes Henderson Family 1790-1972. 1972. James Grafton Pierman. Library of Congress (CS 71. P3613 1972).

29. Tales and Trails of Four Families: Coleman, Ellis, Eates and Henderson. 1979. Ollie and Mina Ellis. Library of Congress (CS 71. E47 1979).

30. Altman and Knowles Families of Texas, includes Hendersons. 1969. Nahum Vincent Parsons and Margaret Pierce. Library of Congress (CS 71. A467 1969).

31. Charles Pistole and his Descendants. 1975. Charles Pistole. Library of Congress (CS 71. P676 1975).

32. Links: Descendants of James Ramsey of Georgia and Thomas Ramsey of Maury County Tennessee. 1974. Elizabeth Ramsey. Library of Congress (CS71. R18 1974).

33. Henderson, Green, and Weaver. 1967. Diane Dieterle. Library of Congress (CS 71. W365 1967).

34. Early Western Augusta Pioneers. 1957. George Washington Cleek. Library of Congress (CS69.C55 1957).

35. Virginia Wills and Abstracts. 1948. William Everett Brockman. Library of Congress (CS71.B8645 1948).

36. Virginia Genealogies: A Trial List. 1967. Stuart Brown. Published by Va. Bk. Company, Berryville VA. 22611.

37. J. Andrew Henderson (1738-c1791) His Ancestors and Descendants. c1980. Reba Mitchell. Copy in library at Odom.

38. Matthew Sims and his Descendants. 1917. Lauren G. Young. Library of Congress (CS71 S589 1917).

39 The Woods- McAfee Memorial. 1905. Neander Montgomery Woods. Library of Congress (CS71 W875 1905).

40. Some Descendants of Robert and Jane McCune of Bourbon and Nicholas Counties Kentucky. 1947. Alfred Averill Knapp. Library of Congress (CS71,M1328 1947).

41. Houston Family. 1882. Samuel Rutherford Houston. Library of Congress (CS 71. H843 1882).

42. The Annals of Haywood County North Carolina. 1935. William Ciciso Allen. MN Historical Society Library (F 262 H4A4an). 690 Cedar Street, St. Paul, MN 55101 (612) 296-6126.

43. The Preston Genealogy. 1922. New York Genealogical and Biographical Records. Vol. 53 pages 273 and page 29.

44. Our Henderson Family. C1980. Lois D. Plotts. Indiana State Library, 140 North Senate Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 (929.8 H496).

45. Randall Henderson of Sevier County Tennessee. 1980. Ruby Sims. In library of F. Robert Henderson.

46. Family of Samuel Henderson 1786-1867. 1980. Reba H. Mitchell. In library of F. Robert Henderson. (CS71.H496 1980).

47. George McLin Henderson Family of Sevier County Tennessee. 1985. Katherine H. Rogers. In library of F. Robert Henderson.

48. Henderson Family History. 1978. American Genealogical Research Heritage Press, Washington DC.

49. History of Cole County Missouri. 1979. Found in Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file, R977.8, H 6267, p.1041 about Hannah Henderson 1796.

50. History of Marshall County Iowa. Found in Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file, R 977.755, M358h, p. 559 about Henry Henderson.

51. James Henderson name noted in Denver Library General Manuscript and clipping file, G929.2 W277ho, Vol. 1.

52. James H. Henderson Warren County Ill. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file, R977.341 W253, page 213.

53. John B. Henderson Jr. 1922. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file R930 H549 page 170.

54. John Scott Henderson, Walker County Georgia. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file G975 833 W 151 sa Vol. I pages 429-431.

55. Noel Henderson, Hall County, Nebraska. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file G929.1782 A219b, page 640.

56. R. M. Henderson, Union County Ohio. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file G977.153 U586, page 118.

57. Robert Henderson Jefferson County Ohio 1880. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping File G977.193 B41C, page 558.

58. Robert Henderson Jones County Iowa 1879. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file 6977.763 J732hi page 670.

59. Indian wars: Pioneers of Texas. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file mentions Robert M. Henderson. R976.4 B81 pages 189 and 359-360.

60. Robert Terrill Henderson. 1972. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file 917.58033 M992ch, page 1549.

61. Thomas J. and William H. Henderson of III. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file 6977.3 B523, Vol. 1, page 229.

62. W. L. Henderson Logan County Colorado. 1928. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file 6978.875 L828 co, pages 64-74.

63. W. S. Henderson, Fayette County KY. 1882. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file R976.9 F293 P, page 840.

64. W. M. Henderson Marion County Iowa. 1882. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file R977.783 M 338, pages 580-581.

65. W. A. Henderson Howard County Mo. 1883. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file G977.8285 H837 h, pages 1083-84.

66. William Henderson PA Bio. 1914. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file 6929 1748 E56 Vol. I, page 113.

67. Henderson Family Roane County, WV. 1927. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file G975.436 H536 bi, page 547.

68. Henderson Family Irwin County GA. 1932. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file 697.8855 I 725cl page 493.

69. Henderson Family Pettis County MO. 1882. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file R977.848 P453h pages 872-73.

70. Henderson Family Rowan County NC. 1881. Denver Library General Manuscript and Clipping file G975.671 R785ru, pages 213-219.

71. Henderson Ancestors and Descendants. 1989. Alvena Wells Henderson and Ethlyn Henderson Fisher. Copy in library of Robert H. Henderson.

72. The Henderson Clan, the family and descendants of Josiah William Henderson. 1994. Hoyt D. Bulter. Copy in library of Robert H. Henderson

73. Mary (Barry 1795-1888) and William Henderson (1787-1863) Their Forebears and Descendants. Lottie McWhorter and Lou Ann Mackey Melton. Copy in Public Library in Spartenburg, SC.

74. Family Records of Henderson and Whiddon Families and their descendants with a muster roll of Company G, 14th GA Regiment. 1926. Greenville, SC Library.

75. The Hannon Family of Polk County NC with allied families Henderson and Carruth. 1993. Elizabeth Henderson Michaels. 114 Camilla Garden Street, Morgantown, NC 28655.

76. The Henderson Family Chronology. 1981. Donald Cedrick Henderson. PA. Copy in library of Robert H. Henderson.

77. Gleanings from the Life of Samuel Henderson. no date. Maurine Harrison. TN.
In An Canach Autumn Vol. VI, No.4.Pp8-9.

78. Henderson: From Ireland to New Jersey to Illinois to Everyplace. no date. Luella Lawther. Copy at Odom Library.

79. Minutes of the Bankston Fork Baptist Church 1854-1931. 1985. Doris Nelson. Contains documented record of Wilson Henderson born in 1762 son of Edward Henderson. Copyright by Ronald L. Nelson, P.O. Box 179, Elizabethtown, IL 62931.

80. Family History Information. 1978. Myrtle Henderson Lyon. Hendersons from Ireland to Iowa near Tuskegok, in Decatur County Iowa to Kansas. Larry Henderson 2208 Winterwood Lane, Topeka, KS 66614.

81. Descendants and Ancestors of John Milton Henderson 1860-1951 and Laura Belle Henderson 1863-1953, Washington County, Kansas. 1985. Lloyd Holbrook. Richard Henderson , Camp Creek VA in 1751.

82. The Career of Colonel Samuel Henderson. 1938. Archibald Henderson. Printed by the Society of Transylvanians 1942. Copy in F.Robert Henderson library.

83. Thomas Henderson. Distinguished Minister and Educator.1995. Jeff Henderson II. VA. In An Canach Summer 1995 Vol. II., No.3, p 8.

84. Early Hendersons of Carter County Kentucky, Family of Robert Henderson and Descendants of Alexander Miller Henderson. 1994. Ed Henderson. Florence Huff, 13590 Center Street #113 Westin, OH 43569. This work contains three volumes.

85. Richard Henderson the First American President. 1994. Walter Henderson. An Canach Spring issue 1994 Vol. VI No.2 pp. 8-9. Official publication of the Clan Henderson.

86. Hockersmith and Evans Histories. 1907. Joseph Hockersmith of Glasgow MO Copies of a few pages in library of Robert H. Henderson.

87. Henderson Family of Pennsylvania and Kentucky.1932. Emma Rouse Lloyd
Library of Congress (CS71.R864 1932).

88. Alexander Henderson of Garrard County Kentucky and his descendants. 1975. Peggy H. Robinson. In library of Robert Henderson of SC.

89. Life and Services of General Thomas J. Henderson. not dated. J. W. Templeton. In Journal of Illinois State Historical Society.

90. The Hendersons of Cambridge Massachusetts. 1984. Edward W. Hanson. Library of Congress CS71.H496)

91. Daniel Henderson Family History of Smith County Mississippi. not dated. Walter Henderson. Copy in Library of Robert Henderson SC.

92. My Family the Hendersons of the Carolinas and their Connections. no date. Anna McIver Henderson Parham. Copy in Library at Odom.

93. Mary Henderson. 1992. In An Canach Winter Issue 1992 Vol. IV No. 4 page 8.

94. James Henderson, Hunterdon NJ in 1783. 1994. Robert Foley. An Canach. Spring Issue 1994 Vol. VI, No. 3.Pp 9,13, & 14.

95. Hendersons in Mecklenburg County, NC. 1996. L.D. Bass Jr. In An Canach Vol. VIII No. 1 January Issue pp. 8-9.

96. One Old Family Bible. Story of James Pinckney Henderson. 1996. L.D. Bass Jr. In An Canach Vol. VIII No. 2 April Issue 1996 Pp.8-9.

97. A Brief History of the Henderson Family of North Carolina. 1878. Robert H. Dalton. In Library of F. Robert Henderson.

98. Henderson and Sholar Lineage's of Duplin County North Carolina. 1995. Eleanor S. Draughon, 4306 Cedar Pass, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

99. J. P. Henderson, Texan for the Book. 1971. Robert E. Ford. Appeared in Newspaper article in Austin Texas on 6 th day of May 1971. Copy in library of F. Robert Henderson.

100. The Henderson Family. 1941. Archibald Henderson. The Old North State and the New, Vol. V. Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago 1941. In Robert Henderson of SC and F. Robert Henderson libraries.

101. Our House of Henderson. 1991. Robert H. Henderson. 119 Pinewood Drive, Greer, SC 29651

102. Hendersons of Early North Carolina, 1850-1870. 1995. Robert H. Henderson.

103. Historic Vance County and Happy, Healthy, Hustling, Henderson. 1941. John Bullock Watkins Jr. In Library of F. Robert Henderson.

104. John Steele Henderson, from Biographical History of North Carolina Colonial to 1905. No date. Ashe Nappen Weeks. Vol. I, pp. 300-308. In library of Robert H. Henderson

105. The Family of James Henderson. 1982. Inez Fishwick. Nellie Graham Lowry, 9654 Kessler Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311 818 886-4968.

106. Henderson Family of Salisbury Township. Lancaster County, PA and Maryland. 1959. E.A. Benson. Library of Robert H. Henderson.

107. The Family of Samuel and Jean Love Wilson of Brush Run Settlement, Clarion Township, Clarion County PA. 1984. Gateway Press, Inc. Baltimore,MD.

108. Hendersons of Early South Carolina, 1850-1870. 1994. Robert H. Henderson.119 Pinewood Drive, Greer, SC 29651.

109. Twigs and Branches from the Archer-Harper-Henderson-Reeves Family Tree. 1984. Ruby Leona Henderson Peacock. Star Route 1, Box 5, Roaring Springs, TX 79256.

110. Henderson. 1949. Benjamin D. Meritt and Elizabeth K. Meritt. In Library of F. Robert Henderson, marked Allen Papers, McClung Collections, Lawson McGee Library, Knoxville, TN.

111. J. Andrew Henderson (1738-ca 1791), His Ancestors and Descendants. Not dated. Reba H. Mitchell. Copy in Odom Library.

112. The Hendersons of Brushy Creek - Anderson County, TX. No date. John R. Dean. Copy in Odom Library.

113. Robertus Henderson Family of Augusta County, VA. 1958. Haller S. Henderson. In Library of Congress (CS71 H496 1958).

114. The True Thomas Henderson. 1990. James Henderson III. In Summer Issue An Canach, Vol. II, No.3, pp.6&8.

115. Hendersons Move to Virginia. 1994. Jeff Henderson II. In An Canach Vol.VI, No. 4, p. 9. 1994.

116. Thomas Henderson Distinguished Minister and Educator. 1995. In An Canach Vol. VII, No.3, p.8 Summer 1995.

117 Henderson Family of Orange County VA. Not dated. Josephine Henderson Neal. Copy at Natchitoches, LA Library, P.O. Box 1349, Natchitoches LA. 71458-1349.

118. Ancestors and Descendants of Robert and Hannah (McClung) Henderson. No date. Paris Palmer. In Staunton VA. Public Library.

119. Henderson Genealogy. 1990. Derl H. Barnett. Copy at Odom.

120. Henderson Highlights. 1985. Mary Ann Van Zandt Bell. Copy at Odom.

121. Searching for Nathaniel Henderson-a History and Descendants Chart. 1994. Camille Head Corte. Fairhope, LA.

122. John Toliver Henderson Family. 1963. Clifford Henderson. Copy at Odom

123. In Search of Our Henderson Ancestors. 1980. Edward J. Henderson. Copy at Odom.

124. The Family of W. K. and Jennie Henderson. 1982. Jean W. Henderson. Copy at Odom.

125. A Biography and Genealogy of Joans Addison and Margaret Henderson. 1929. Henderson Memorial Association. Copy at Odom.

126. Two Generations of Hendersons. 1958. Ralph D. Henderson. Copy at Odom.

127. My Henderson Family. 1988. Evelyn H. Turner. Copy at Odom.

128. The Charles Stewart Henderson / Lisa Jane Cargill Family. 1996. Copy at Odom.

129. The Family Logs of Brian Keith and Bonnie Jane Henderson. No date. No author. Copy at Odom.

130. History of Inverkeitning and Rosyth? No date. No author. Copy at Odom.

131. English and Henderson Histories. No date. No author. Copy at Odom.

132. The Hendersons of Fordell Papers. 1954. No author. Copy at Odom.

133. The History of Truro Parish in Virginia. Date not known. Rev. Phillip Slaughter. Alexander and Sallie (Moore) Henderson. Copy in Filson Library, Louisville, KY.

134. Down from Marble Mountain. 1983. Jim Henderson. CT2888.H46A33. Published by Auckland: Hodder and Stoughton.

135. Descendants of Joseph and Susannah Adair Henderson (1783-1981). 1981. Paul Dean Henderson. In Library of Congress (CS71.H496 1981).

136. In Genealogies in the Library of Congress look in Adis CS477, S5G7, Bendlinger 1941,Calhoun 1957, and Sinclair 1884.

137. Crises and Change. 1986. Sir Neville C.B.E. Henderson. In Library at Odom.

138. American Genealogical Index. Series I and II. Fremont J. Rider. Missouri Valley Room holdings. Kansas City, MO. Forty-six pages on Hendersons.

139. Hendersons of Early Alabama 1850. 1997. Robert H. Henderson.

140. Hendersons of Early Arkansas 1850. 1997. Robert H. Henderson.

141. Hendersons of Early CT 1850. 1998. Joyce C. Peyman. Robert H. Henderson.

142. Hendersons of Early Florida 1850. 1998. Horace Loftin.

143. Hendersons of Early Georgia 1850. 1997. Robert H. Henderson

144. Hendersons of Early Tennessee 1850. 1997. F. Robert Henderson

145. Hendersons of Early Kentucky 1850. 1998. Robert H. Henderson

146. History of Odom, Ducan, Henderson, Whaley Families.1994. Mary Margaret Odom. In Kansas City Public Library.

147. Hendersons of Early Mississippi 1850. Robert H. Henderson

148. Adirondack Calamity. 1998. Robert Lansing Henderson. In An Canach Summer 1998 Vol. X, No. 3 pp.16-18.

149. Descendants of David Henderson and Grace Crow. 1991. Sherry Henderson Healy. Privately printed by the author, no known copies.

150. Franklin Henderson Family Bible Records. No dated. Franklin Henderson. Copy in Odom Library.

151. Descendants of John Henderson of Rockingham County North Carolina. 1989. Glen G. Johnson. 4825 Jump Off Road, Grants Pass, OR 97525.

152. History of Washington County, PA. Date not known. Author not known. Has good information about Matthew Henderson family. Copy in library of F. Robert Henderson.

153. The Bells in USA and Allied Families. 1977. Getha Gina Bell. Copy in McClung Collection, Lawson McGhee Library, Knoxville, TN.

154. Peter Henderson, gardner, author, merchant. 1890. Alfred Henderson. New York. Mcllroy &Emmet.

155. Virginia Ancestors and Adventures. (1967-1973) 1995. Charles H. Hamlin. Clearfield Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD.

156. History of the Early Settlements and Indian Wars of Western Virginia. 1997. Dehass. Published by Clearfield Company, Baltimore, MD.

157. The Henderson and Steele Families. Not dated. George M. Henderson. In Library in Odom.

158. Colonel William Henderson. 1928. Archibald Henderson. Article in Charlotte North Carolina Observer Newspaper, Sunday July 8,1928. Copy in library of F.Robert Henderson.

159. Richard Henderson, The Quaker. 1997. Carol Wells. An Canach July Issue, Vol.IX, No.3, pp4-5.

160. Descendants of Baylor Henderson and Elizabeth Milby. 1994. Judith McCracken Deweth. In Library at Odom.

161. A Short History of Samuel Henderson (1737-1820) and Capt. James Henderson (1740?-1797). 1998. James Henderson III. An Canach Summer Issue 1998 Vol. X, No.3.

162. Joans Addison Henderson. 1996. Alan B. Wilson. In Odom Library.

163. Scottish Clan and Family Encyclopedia. 1998. George Way. Barnes and Noble Publishing Company, NY.

164. The Family Chronicle and Kinship Book of McLin, Clack, Cocke, Carter, Taylor, Cross, Gordon and other related American lineage's. 1928. Octavia Zollicoffer Bond. Library of Congress (CS71.M164 1928).

165. John Caldwell and Sarah Diffingham Caldwell, his wife Ipswich Mass. 1654. 1904. Augustine Caldwell. Kansas City Missouri Public Library.

166. Early Adventures on the Western Waters. 1982. Kegley. Green Publication, Orange VA.

167. Historical Sketches of North Carolina. 1851. John H. Wheeler. In Denver Public Library, Denver, CO.

168. Revolutionary War Bounty Warrants relating to William Henderson: Reel 11 (JR3293/4), Reel 7 (JR33327/8) Land Office Revolutionary War Bounty Certificates. No. 3, 6052-9926 Reel 347, pages 540,555,560L, Certificates #9347, 9340, 8358, 9360, 9631,9636,9452, and exchange warrant #607, issued to heirs of William Henderson, 1853. Land Office Military Certificate file Box 27, Folder 109, Folder 111. Certificate file of Capt. William Henderson, appointment of guardians, and power of Attorney, 1843-1852. Virginia State Library, Richmond, VA 23219.

169. Indian Wars and Warriors of the Old Southwest. 1918. Albert V. Goodpasture. TN Historical Magazine, Vol. 4, 1918.

170. Washington County, Tennessee Deeds 1775-1800. 1991. Loraine Rae. Southern Historical Press.

171. Various Henderson Families of Augusta County, Virginia. 1988. Mrs. William Bushman. Records sent to F, Robert Henderson and placed on computer by John McComb in 1997. Copy in library of F. Robert Henderson.

172. Pioneer Wilson families in Washington, PA and allied families: including Cunninghams and Hendersons of Coleraine, Ireland. 1989. Edan Marian Miller. Rochester, Mich.

173. The Reader/Reeder Family: descendants of William Henderson and Mary (Rebuck) Reader, and other related Reeder families/ Danville, PA. 1988. Florence Reader Thilly. Address R. D. 6, Box 180, Danville, PA. Library of Congress (CS71.R286 1988).

174. The Territorial Papers of the United States.1936. Clarence Edwin Carter. Several Volumes. U. S. Government Printing Office. In most large libraries.

175. American Militia in the Frontier Wars-1790-1796. Murtie June Clark. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD.

176. Record of Commissions of Officers in the Tennessee Militia 1796-1815. 1977. Mrs. John Trotwood Moore. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD.

177. Biographical Directory of the Tennessee General Assembly Volume I and II. 1975. Robert M. McBride and Dan M. Robison. The Tennessee State Library and Archives and the Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville, TN.

178. The Mecklenburg Signers and their Neighbors. 1946. Worth S. Ray. Clearfield Publishing Company, Mass.

179. Tennessee Genealogical Records. 1980. E. R. Whitley. In TN State Library, Nashville, TN.

180. Josephine (Westmoreland) Casey Papers. 1910. In Diaries and Memoirs section listed as number 45 in manuscripts filmed holdings at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Contains Henderson family history in Obion County TN.

181. Henderson Family 1742-1897. 1967. Carl Lester Beam. In Library of Congress Library. (CS71.B386 1967).

182. Henderson Family. 1891. Nell Marshall Gum. Found copy in 1985 in North Carolina State Library with call number GR 929.2 P235G.

183. Henderson Family. 1932. Stuart Hall Hill. Found copy in 1985 in North Carolina State Library with call numbers GR 929.2 H648H.

184. Henderson Family. 1932. M.L. Steadman. Found copy in 1985 in the North Carolina State Library with call numbers GR 975.52 S799 F.

185. Reminiscences of North Carolina. 1884. John Hill Wheeler. Found copy in 1985 in the North Carolina State Library with call numbers GR 920.0756 W563r.

186. Thomas Fearh Perkins Henderson 1822-1966. In Diaries and Memoirs section listed as number 10 in manuscripts filmed holdings at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Contains Henderson family history.

187. Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspapers,1803-1812. 1989. Sherida K. Eddleman. Heritage Books.

188. Lewis of Warner Hall: The History of a Family. 1979. Merrow Egerton Sorley. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD.

189. The Family Chronicle and Kinship Book. 1928. Octavia Zollicoffer Bond. Nashville, TN. Has Henderson data mainly about Macklin, Clack, Cocke, Carter, Taylor, Cross, and Gordon.

190. Old Tales Retold. Date unknown. Octavia Zollicoffer Bond. Most likely published in Nashville.

191. On film in Washington DC filmed by Reproduction Systems for GS at D.A.R. Library, Film 854.143 The Henderson and Moore and Allied Families. 18 pp.; Film 860,338 Item 1, Henderson and Boone family records: Film 854.143 Henderson Family by Louise H. Brodie 1700-1960; Film 860,338 Item 1, Bullock Family records; Film 848.696 Henderson Family; Film 924.003 Henderson Family by Marion Green; Film 858,660 Henderson Family 10BC - 1946. By Gertrude S. Wheeler; Film 908,036 Henderson Family, Mrs. Robert A. Hughes; Film 874,444 Henderson Family, Margaret Pierce Parsons; Film 874,714 Item 7, Henderson Family 1600-1900. Caroline Beall Price.

192. Our East Tennessee Kinsmen. 1973. Aurelia Cate Dawson. In TN State Library, Nashville, TN.

193. Leaves From the Family Tree.1982. Penelope Johnson Allen. Clippings from the Chattanooga Times. Published by Southern Historical Press, Ensley, SC.

194. Old Time Tazewell. Mary A. Hansard. In Odom Library.

195. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia. Lyman Chalkley 3 Volumes. Can be found in most large libraries.

196. Ambrose Henderson. In History of Lycoming County PA, Vol.2, p.50.

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198. Index to Blount Journal 1790-1796. 1936. Government Printing Office, Washington DC. Also can be found in American Historical Magazine, Nashville. Vol. II. Pp. 213-277. And also can be found in Territorial Papers of the United States. Compiled and Edited by Clarence Edwin Carter, Vol. IV, Pp429-471.

199. The Border Settlers of northwest Virginia 1786-1795.(1935) 1996. Virgil McWhorter. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD.

200. The Conquest of the Old Southwest. Reprinted 1974. Archibald Henderson. The reprint Company, Spartanburg, South Carolina.

201. Smokey Mountain Historical Society Newsletters. Sevier County Tennessee Historical Society, Sevierville TN. Many issues contain information about Hendersons.

202. Tinkling Spring - Headwater of Freedom. (1954) 1974. Howard McKnight Wilson. Fisherville, VA. Library of Congress Card # 54-11987.

203. The New World Book of Hendersons. 1998. Published by The Halbert Family Company, OH.

204. Sketches of Western North Carolina. 1970. C.L. Hunter. Regional Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD.

205. The Henderson Family of Pike County, Alabama. 1964. Elizabeth Hillard. DAR National Library, Washington D.C. PAM 78-2999.

206. Nelson-Henderson Genealogical Report. 1971. Elsie Tomlinson Estes. Jacksonville, FL. DAR National Library, Washington D.C. PAM 72 1943.

207. Samuel Henderson. In Diaries and Memoirs section listed as number 148 in manuscripts filmed holdings at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Contains Henderson family history.

208. Something about some Hendersons. 1977. Edward S. Claftin. DAR National Library, Washington D.C. PAM 78 1853.

209. History of Henderson LA. 1984. Marjorie R. Esman. Baton Rouge, LA. DAR National Library, Washington D.C. Pam 86 2038.

210. Henderson Mennonites: from Holland to Nebraska. Henderson Nebraska. DAR National Library, Washington D.C. Hist. Lib Bx 8118 H45 H4.

211. Henderson NC. 1979. Ann Melaine Murphy. DAR National Library, Washington D.C. PAM 80 2248.

212. Henderson County IL. Not dated. Mathew H. Jamison. . DAR National Library, Washington D.C. E 601 J32.

213. Ancestors of Col. John Henderson, Miller and Peter Families, John Henderson 1768-1824. Not dated. Cornielis Maud Kincannon. Type Written Manuscript. DAR National Library, Washington D.C.

214. John Henderson 1806-1878. History of Vernon County WIS. P. 523. DAR National Library, Washington D.C. F 587-V5-H6.

215. John Brooks Henderson, U.S. Senator from Missouri. 1934. Arthur Herman Mattingly. Manuscript prepared for a PHD Thesis at Kansas State University at Manhattan, KS.

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