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By   F. Robert Henderson

It has been a few years since this website was expanded. It has been successful in helping lots of Hendersons find their roots. Hundreds of people have sent in data.

We are going to add some of the data that may further help researchers.

We are adding the data on my own family of Hendersons from Sevier County, TN. We hope people related to this line of Hendersons will check this out and see if they agree or disagree. Let me know so we can get it correct.

Also we are adding a part we'll call “which way did they go”, This is the Census data from several States showing Hendersons who were born in Tennessee but in 1850-1860 lived in some other state. This might help find lost relatives.

In the weeks ahead we'll add more county data.

One major bit of data will be to identify early pioneer Henderson families who lived in Tennessee before 1820.

We will add more sources of Henderson data to the listing of books on this site.

We appreciate your comments and hope to hear from you sometime soon.