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Roane County



Meshack Henderson Roane County, TN 78 years old on 06 May 1834 NC.

Early Wills:
William D. Henderson Will 1853 wb-1-44

In the reference "General Abstracts of Rev. War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White, National Historical Publishing Company, Waynesboro TN 1990; there is a file on Meshack Henderson, S4332, NC Line, he appl 1 Mar 1834 Roane Co TN aged 78, he lived in Rowan Co NC at enl, in Capt. Wynn Company, sol was b in 1756 in Culpepper Co VA, sol lived in Rowan Co NC some 17 or 18 years after Rev then moved to McMinn Co TN for several years then to Anderson Co TN then to Roane Co TN, a daughter Margaret rec'd final payment on 27 Jul 1838, sol had d 15 Apr 1837

There was a William Henderson who died abt 2 Nov 1759 in Culpepper County VA these data according to Will in Book A 1749-1770 page 57. He was of Brumfill Parish in Culpepper County VA. Not relationship known between Meshack and this William, hover both of same county in same time frame.

From Heraldy page 29 a John Henderson served in War of 1812 was born 6 Sept 1793 Burke County in North Carolina.

Verlie and Ruddie Henderson sent a message in 2002 about this John Henderson. They have another birth record for him indicating he was born in Muchline, Ayrshire, Scotland. Their records show he was a son of Jasper Henderson. Their records show this John Henderson married Nancy Ventriss on Aug 13 1835 in Morgan County TN and they located a second marriage record for a John Henderson that shows a John Henderson having married the same Nancy Ventriss in Guilford County NC on 3 Dec 1825. As the reader can see these data are subject to corrections. They do know that this John Henderson in Roane County TN moved to Newton County Arkansas around the mid 1850's. Their records show he is buried near Wayton AR. Near Henderson Mountain.

There was one family of Henderson's shown in the Arkansas 1850 census records who were born in TN. They were Nathaniel; Thomas; Elizabeth; Vincent; Gabriel; Martha Jane; and Edward.

From data of Harry D. Roberts: (also Mildred Roberts research) Roane County TN. A Sallie Henderson married Abraham Odum 6 Sept 1824 signed by Alexander Forrester and William C. McKamey

From Ridge Runner Feb 1974: Charles Talliaferro of Roane County TN dead ca 15 years (1880) Hardin Talliferro, brother of Charles and Dick, brother in-law of Dr. Samuel Henderson edited Alabama Baptist died 1876 TN Richard, known as Dick died Alabama during Civil War.

1830 Census Roane County TN:

Colburk Henderson 3 in family
Hilary Henderson 3 in family
Mourning Henderson 3 in family
William Henderson 9 in family 

Marge Gray sent me an e-mail message in 1998 about Henderson's in PA early. Two family names she listed were Henderson and Hawk. In Roane County TN marriage records show Albert Henderson married Elizabeth Hawk on 16 Aug 1819 Witnesses William Long and William H. Lay. In Kansas in the 1980's a Henderson relative in Colorado gave me some family pictures. On the back of one picture of a family with surname Hawk, it was written relatives of Grandma Henderson. I never have connected our line of Henderson's to the Hawk family.

Another Henderson marriage in Roane County TN was that of Eliza Henderson marrying Jeremiah Boyd on Sept 7 1849 married by J. M. Shaffer, M/G.

Other data from Roane County TN: no Hendersons on petitions 1799-1801.

In 1802 Roane County Militia Rolls (6 companies) Joseph Henderson in Capt. Hugh Frances Co.

Tax List 1805 no Hendersons listed.

Tax list 1808 no Hendersons listed.

War 1812 Robert and John Henderson listed in Capt. Wm Christianson's Co.

Roane County Tax list 1815 no Hendersons listed

In a petition 26 July 1816 it reads" the nearest and best way from William Walls to intersect the road leading to Beatles Henderson..."

Roane County 1830 Census Charles Henderson listed

1850 Roane County Census 

Elizabeth Henderson 45 born in VA
Mary A. 17 TN
Sarah C 14
J. Martin 11
Fanny C. 9
Thomas S 6

S. B Henderson 23 Merchant born in TN, later became Mayor of Kingston, TN.

Sarah J. Henderson wife of S. B. Henderson signed her Will on 26 of May 1887. The Will was probated no 5 July 1905. Will book page 427 Roane County TN.

An Abstract of the 1869 Chancery Court Record, number 213 and 240, Sevier County TN shows that this same S. B. Henderson once lived in and owned property in Sevier County, TN and has a long history and was born in Blount County TN a son of a William Henderson (see R. Houston book).

In a book entitled: " Roots of Roane County TN 1792-" by Snyder E. Roberts 1981, Roane County Publishing Co. P.O. Box 610, 204 Franklin Street, Kingston, TN 37763. The reader can find some references to people with the surname Henderson.

Samuel B. Henderson is mentioned on pages 90 - 91 in the era 1870-1880's.

On page 172 there is an interesting notation that of a William Henderson who assigned 249 acres of land, which included most of the old part of Oliver Springs, the dam site in the gap of Walden's Ridge, and the Mineral Springs tract to Moses Winter in 1799. This was first recorded in the Knox County Court in its July session of 1799. Then recorded in Roane County Survey book P in 1808 on page 200.

On page 81 "Roane County Court Minutes give part of the intriguing story of entry No. 1839 for 3000 acres which was entered by Richard Henderson, Robert Burton, and others in the belief that it contained large valuable lead deposits within three or four miles of Post Oak Springs. Burton and Henderson's lawyers petitioned (p.483 of court records) the January 1811 Court Session to appoint a committee to take depositions. Some depositions were taken but the 1811 Court do not give resolution to the case. Richard Henderson died in 1785. It would be interesting to find out who the lawyers were that represented Henderson and Burton in this case.

There was a Caswell Henderson who married in Roane County TN, however, information on this will need to wait until the next installment for Roane County, I am sure this same Caswell Henderson owned land in Sevier County TN in 1824 and it is probable that this Caswell Henderson was a son of a James Henderson of early Sevier County TN. F. Robert Henderson files, 2002.

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