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Which Way Did They Go!

The Clan Henderson has produced a series of booklets about Hendersons who lived in the different States in 1850. Some data is available for other years including 1860 and 1870.

In order to help researchers find family members who may have moved out of Tennessee, I went though all these booklet that are in print at this time May 2004. Not all States are listed, some states still need to be printed by the Clan Henderson. They need help for volunteers to gather this data in the States not yet worked on.

It would be good for readers to obtain these books where you suspect your family kin may have moved. I hope I did not make any errors in transcribing these data however, to be sure I urge you to look at the actual census record.

Some of this data will aid researchers in finding parents not born in TN who did live in TN and had children born in TN before they moved to another state.

I found it interesting that not many Hendersons born in TN moved back east in the United States. If they left TN they usually moved west. As an example there were no Hendersons born in TN who were living in PA in 1850, nor in VA or W VA in 1850.

F. Robert Henderson